The Reclaimed Wood Table and Renovating Your Kitchen

Renovations for a kitchen (or any room in your house for that matter) can require endless deliberations over the smallest of details to ensure that the end result will come out exactly as you envisioned it. In the process of renovating you must maintain the architectural integrity of the home and also tie together the spaces and centerpiece items using a similar color theme(s).

Bustle & Flow

Is your kitchen the efficient space that you want it to be? If not, consider moving appliances and if you dare, readjust the floor plan even more. How much space do you need for everyday traffic? The kids need room to grab their breakfast while coffee is made and the dog is taken care of. Think about what kind of space you want your kitchen to be.

Are you entertaining a large crowd around holidays like Thanksgiving or just want to enjoy the company of your loved ones while preparing dinner? Create an open floor plan like one architect and designer team did for a Sudbury family. They removed a structural wall between two of the rooms in their house to create a more open kitchen and living room area. A support beam was installed to maintain structural integrity and to add more light to the space, a bay window was installed in the dining area. The design choice was to go with the style of the colonial house and a springtime green color to bring the rooms together. Some welcome additions to the living space included a custom table with painted legs paired with spindle-backed chairs painted green, area rugs and brass porthole mirrors to compliment the finish of the lighting fixtures. It is amazing what a new paint job, lovely accents and striking centerpieces, like a reclaimed wood table or a beautiful hammered brass mirror, can do for your home.

Tying themes, spaces and centerpiece items together

As you select your themes, colors and new additions for the room remember to consider what is already there. What color palette are you working with? Do you want to add lighting fixtures? If so, what color are they going to be? If you are going with something like brass perhaps consider the addition of a mirror or a painting with a brass-colored frame. If you select a reclaimed wood table, choose a neutral wood like white oak that can be stained to match what is in the room or even paint the table legs the same color as the primary color chosen for the room. If your home has rich tones and textures, consider a cherry or walnut table with a beautiful stained finish. Ensure continuity in the room by taking the time to tie all of the design pieces together properly.

When you select your themes and colors keep in mind there is always the potential for overkill. There is such a thing as using too much of one design element in the process of renovating. Be cautious in the use of reclaimed wood for example. Remember when you choose to accent your new kitchen with reclaimed wood pieces that also having the floor, walls and cabinetry all done in reclaimed wood is probably not the best idea. Select pieces that you want to stand out and draw the eye to. Countertops, dining room tables and your kitchen island are great places to begin along with reclaimed wood to accent the backsplash. They can add character and grab your attention without overpowering the space with their presence.

No detail is too small

When choosing your accents and centerpieces for your kitchen like a new dining room table, no detail is too small. You want the table not just as a centerpiece in the room but as a centerpiece that fits the space it was made to fill. Indulge in the possible design details for your dining room table. Take a look at different table leg styles for a twist of added elegance or maybe think about painting the table legs a different color from the top. If you are unsure of what to do, pull inspiration from the rest of your renovated kitchen and use the design elements around you. Also, keep in mind what you want the table to be used for. Do you need a large 12+ person table to entertain guests or does the space require a smaller, more intimate breakfast nook in a sunny spot?

Maintain the architectural integrity of the home

If you enjoy the process of finding unique objects and want a kitchen all your own steer clear of the builder-spec plans, and go with something that suits not only your family’s needs but the style of the house as well. Remember you are creating a space that you will live in and use everyday so choose your cabinetry wisely. Go with real wood if you can. When you decorate your kitchen select pieces with character and a story all their own. Make a space you will enjoy for years to come with family and friends. Make the space in your home your own.

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